Elements of Quality Dementia Care

Elements of Quality Dementia Care

As a trusted provider of compassionate and evidence-based home care in Fairfield, California, Abundance in Love Home Care Agency commits to offering the same level of care for dementia patients.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, effective dementia care should highlight a person-centered focus to address a patient’s unique needs. With that, our home care agency adds a few key elements when providing dementia care.

Human Bond and Connections
An ideal caregiver should be able to build meaningful and personal connections with a person with dementia. Consistent social engagement helps dementia patients uphold their quality of life despite the symptoms of the disease.

Daily Living Assistance
Dementia care must focus not only on recreation but also on normal daily routines. This is what our personal care in Solano County, California, does. We assist with our patients’ activities of daily living, such as hygiene maintenance, bathing, meal preparation, toileting, and more.

A Customized Care Plan
Each patient should undergo a care assessment to identify their underlying needs. Then, the care team will develop a personalized plan that entails the specific services during the care provision. Furthermore, family caregivers should work closely with their providers if they need respite care in California to include it in the plan.

Dementia may take a toll on someone’s cognitive functions, but that should not affect a person’s quality of life. With the right care, attention, and assistance, dementia patients and their families can live in harmony and comfort without leaving home.

If you need quality dementia care for a loved one, give us a call today!

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